The Wide World of Applets

What are Applets?

An applet is a small executable module, that normally doesn't have the complete features and user interface of a normal application. Java is the language most commonly associated with applets. An applet is like a small piece of executable code that needs a full application to contain it. The applet runs inside of the application in a "sand box" or "virtual machine, "which is a set of computer resources and instructions that makeup an environment for the applet's execution.


This is an example applet called Photo Album II by Intel Applets. Pretty neat!

NOTES: I actually changed the size attribute to a width of 235 and height of 200 and changed the transition time to 4000 and pause to 1000. It was somewhat slow at first until I made these changes to the code. You have to upload the class files and the spacer.gif (not the example webpage and image 1 and 2), your picture files, and then copy and paste the code as given in the instructions. Also, BE SURE TO CLOSE THE NOSCRIPT tag as the instructions leave it open and that will mess up your page. Download the files and try it yourself : click here

Another Example

Click here for an example applet called 3D Photo Cube by Intel Applets. Pretty cool! Click on a picture to see it better or use your mouse arrow to turn the cube.