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By request, this section has been developed to serve the business education community by providing bulletin board ideas appropriate for business subjects. Some of these ideas are mine and some are from other sources collected over the years (many of unknown origin). If you have ideas to contribute, please send them via electronic mail with a JPG photo to:


  • Are You In Balance? This bulletin board can be prepared using a cutout of giant scales. Label one side of the scales as Debits and the other as Credits. Then, using graphical representations on each side, represent different accounts and perhaps amounts as well ($400 Cash DR, $500 Rent Expense DR, etc.). You can represent Rent Expense, for example, with a little house cutout. One cute variation is to have the scales out of balance and a few cutouts scattered below the scales on the bulletin board. At the bottom of the board, put DEBITS MUST EQUAL CREDITS!
  • Accounting - Scorekeeping for Business. On the board, put all types of sports related items, such as football with goalpost, baseball, tennis, golf etc. This is good for beginning of the year. (Submitted by: S. Moore)
  • Flash Some Light on Those Accounting Errors. Create a giant journal page and a giant general ledger page with some errors on them (transposing dollar amounts, transactions out of balance, etc.) and have large flashlights with transparent yellow paper coming from them pointing to the errors. At the bottom of the board, put "Don't Get Caught in the Dark."

Consumer Economics

  • Don't Get Caught in a Web. This bulletin board may be a little difficult to create because you will want to make a very large spiderweb that covers much of the area of the board. Put large spiders on the web with different consumer problems (high interest rates, large debts, etc.). Put a bottom caption to suit your unit theme-"Be a Smart Shopper" or "Shop Around" or "Practice Smart Consumer Skills."
  • Cash or Credit? This bulletin board theme can be used for units on credit cards. Head the board with the words, "Cash or Credit?" and below it I put a picture of a dollar bill with legs and a face and next to it extra large credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Beside each, work out the actual cost of something like a stereo if you pay cash or if you use a credit card with a 21% APR, paying small amounts each month for a year.
  • Slide Into An Exciting Future--Begin Saving Now! This board can be decorated many ways, but the theme should focus around a playground slide with a person going down it landing into a pool or bucket or a pile of money. One variation is to put some conversions up to illustrate the importance of saving (how much money a savings account would have with a certain percentage rate, etc.). These conversions could be put on other playground equipment (merry-go-round, swings, see-saw, etc.).

International Business


  • Computer Careers. I used the colorful mouse border. Then I downloaded a font and printed out the letters for Computer Careers (I adjusted the color of the letters to my own color scheme using Illustrator). Then I blew up and printed clip art images of computers and people doing different things with computers. Then I printed out names of several computer related occupations like systems administrator, video game developer, computer equipment repairer, Webmaster, Computer engineer, Web Page designer, Computer Programmer, computer forensics investigator, etc. (Submitted by: Donna Bowman) View Picture
  • Race for Computer Knowledge. This one was used in a classroom that taught different computer related subjects, and had a large board. The heading is Race For Computer Knowledge. The board is like a race track, winding around. I found a "running computer" with legs, printed 3 of the, and had them enlarged. I placed one at the beginning, middle, and finish line (which had an actual "Finish Line" at the bottom). Across the board (and on the race track), I placed the subjects taught: Spreadsheets, Database, Hypermedia, Word Processing, and Telecommunications. Submitted by: Dionne (
  • Computers in the News (Kathy Schrock). Students bring in newsworthy computer articles, write a review of them, and then the article and review are mounted on the disks on the bulletin board. The background of the board is newspaper.
  • Catch These Passes for a Winning Season (Word Processing). I set this one up during football season. The heading is: Catch These Passes for a Winning Season. Throughout the board, I have footballs with terminology printed on them (ex: Memo, Resume, Mailable Letters, Reports, Envelopes). Also, I included football players throughout. Submitted by: Dionne (
  • Database Management. Used during the month of October. The heading is Database Management, in orange letters. I found a witch and then cut out a pot from black posterboard, placing a few pieces of red trim underneath for the "fire." The steam rising from the pot has terms such as primary key, field, graph, data, etc. I printed up the words AAA HAHAHA TAKE A BITE and put them on the board. At the bottom corners, I placed two pumpkins (the kind that you buy flat and open to form a circle). Instead of opening them all the way, I opened them halfway and stapled them to the board. Submitted by: Dionne (
  • The Road to the Future is Lined with Computers. This bulletin board can be modified in many ways to create a very nice display. The general theme is to have a road (use black construction paper and chalk to make the lines) that extends across the bulletin board. Put a car on the road (print one out the size of a sheet of paper using a print shop or clipart program). Along side the road, put road signs with pictures of high tech devices and computers (you can clip large full page size pictures out of computer magazines).
  • Wanted: Good Computer Skills. This practical bulletin board is easy to arrange. Find a large town newspaper (KC Star, St. Louis Post, etc.) and locate the classified ads. Go through and clip ads that say computer skills are required (you'll be surprised how many you find-nursing, mechanic, office positions, marketing, advertising, banking, etc.). Then, take them to a copier and blow them up to full page size. Cover your bulletin board with however many pages of ads you need. Put the words, "Wanted: Good Computer Skills" across the center of your board (overlapping the ads). One variation is to put other types of ads on the board, too, and circle the computer knowledge ads in red marker.
  • Catch these sites on the Inter"net" I use a blue background for this bulletin board. I find neat internet sites that I think my classes would be interested in, and I write the addresses for those sites on cut outs shaped like colored fish. I string up fish nets that I purchased at the dollar store to give the "fishy" tone. It's really cute, and it has a lot of important information for my classes too! (Submitted by: Kristi Gerrells)
  • Brush Up on the Internet (Kathy Schrock). This bulletin board can be created using graphics or cutouts of paint cans with different internet words on each can.
  • Business Education--Just a Click Away.  Your future is just a click away with business education... a bulletin board with lots of hands! Submitted by: Lana Hager. See Picture
  • Explore the Web: Make a spiderweb out of yarn on the bulletin board and have a bunch of spiders (sorta big) with internet concepts written on them, such as HTML, JavaScript, Surfing, etc.
  • Surfing Lingo: Same concept but have a surfer on a big wave and put the concepts on buoys, inner tubes, or something else water related.
  • Mooooving into Webpage Design: Use a cow theme. One thought is to make a big page on one side and the required HTML tags in place, then make a computer and show what the page would actually look like on the computer.
  • Watch Out for Computer Bugs: This is an informative bulletin board that describes what a virus is as well as other pesky computer problems like Trojan horses, spyware and worms. It offers tips for keeping your computer safe. Use some creepy fonts and decorate with bugs (you could do nice bugs like ladybugs, but I would prefer something mean like those darn mosquitoes!)


  • Tips for Merry Keyboarding I create a fireplace, tree, and stockings from construction paper. The stockings each have a keyboarding tip on them. See Picture
  • How Does Your Speed Measure Up? Using a blue background, I had students make a large snowman and cut out snowflakes. Each snowflake has a students name written on it. A large measuring stick marked with 35 wpm, 45 wpm, 55 wpm etc was placed on the board. The students’ snowflakes are then put on the board between their wpm level. It is like measuring the depth of the snow. Those students who are below the lowest wpm level make up the snow on the ground. Student who may be above the highest wpm level are placed above as if they are falling. Submitted by Carol Sessums, Mosca, CO See Picture
  • Top Gun. I used the old movie "Top Gun" and jets to make a bulletin board to show the top speeds in Keyboarding timed writings. My title read, "We have the need for SPEED!" It also read, "Ms. May's TOP GUNS". I had rockets racing toward a point and their speeds were written alone with their names on their own personal jet. (Submitted by an unknown visitor)
  • Brush Up on Typing Skills. Using paint brush and large paint can cutouts, put one can spilling paint labeled "Speed" and one can spilling paint labeled "Accuracy" on the left and right sides of your board. Use color behind the letters on your heading and put a paint brush sweeping across as if it painted behind it. Put drops of spilled paint for accents. The board should read "Brush Up on Typing Skills With..." <can of spilled SPEED> And <can of spilled ACCURACY>.
  • Score by Developing Good Typing Techniques: Cover the board with green, use a yard stick to find the center, and draw a line from top to bottom with whit chalk and continue drawing lines spaced apart for a football field.  Label the "yard line" numbers in chalk.  Use footballs at different location and on the balls have different good habits for typing (feet on floor, eyes on copy, sit up straight, don't' look at hands, etc.
  • Let's Hear it for Typing! Have little cheerleaders or megaphones. Coming from the megaphones, have a bubble that gives a typing tip.
  • Scare off Typing Errors! Use a fall motif with leaves as the border and a big scarecrow in the middle. One option is to include on birds "being scared off" commonly misspelled typing words or errors.
  • Picture Yourself Reaching Your Typing Goals: Use cameras and "mock" Polaroids that display typing goals for each month.
  • Home Row: This bulletin board can be used at the early part of the school year to remind students to place their fingers on the home row when touch typing. Have two large hands with the letters on them. Include the saying: "All students do fantastic, just keep learning" (ASDF JKL) above each finger.  The home row keys can be made from food boxes to appear 3D.

Business/Office Technology

  • Fall Into the Habit of Managing Your Records (Filing). Use heading words above. I bought a couple of bags of different colored leaves (used for decorating wreaths) and placed them throughout the heading and clipart. I printed out a filing cabinet (3 8 1/2 by 11 pages) and then printed up 4 sheets of different categories of filing (alphabetical, numerical, etc.) with clip art of businesses that used each. I trimmed these sheets and then glued each of them to an orange sheet. Submitted by: Dionne (
  • The Overall Steps in Filing. Create a board with the preceding heading and below it string up a clothesline with overalls hanging by clothes pins (you can use denim scraps to make the shapes of little overalls or make blue paper cutouts). On each article, place the one of the steps in filing (inspect, index, code, cross-reference, sort, file). At the bottom, put the slogan "let it all hang out."
  • Do These Words Stump You? Create a board with the preceding heading and put a "forest" of tree stumps. On each tree stump, put a commonly misspelled word. Put a large question mark in the center of the board to accent.
  • Brush Up on Proofreader Marks. Create a board with the preceding heading and put a large broom in the middle and small dustpans with proofreader marks in them and a description of the mark below it.

Business Law

  • What's Popping Up in Business Law? Create a board with the preceding phrase and accent the board with popcorn kernels and a bowl or bucket of popcorn. On each kernel, write a key word for the unit you are studying. See Picture

Autumn/Back to School

  • Mooving Into a New Year... Decorate bulletin board like a pasture and add cows with your class names and hours. Cute board! (Submitted by Joan Almaguer, Knob Noster High School)

  • Frankly Speaking, This is Graphic! Halloween Business Bulletin Board My favorite bulletin board I titled: "Frankly speaking this is graphic" My background is a bright orange piece of cloth, the caption is in purple letters, A Frankenstien cutout hangs on the side of the board and beside him I hang three graphs used in the business curriculum (pie chart, bar graph, and line chart) underneath each is a statement of why you use each graph. Teachers and students alike enjoy this board, because it is very colorful. My boarder is a cheap halloween ribbon purchased at the dollar store. I have also used a spider-web and spider in one corner.(Submitted by K Cooper)
  • Turknology: Join the Race!. This is a good Thanksgiving board. My block student made this... it has a cornucopia with technological pictures cut out of magazines coming from it, three techie pilgrims (with cell phones, digital cameras, etc.) chasing after a turkey with a laptop. It turned out kinda cute. See Picture
  • Pencil Us In for a Great Year: Use a cutout of a pencil, blow it up, and put several pencils on the board, one for each class that you teach. In the middle of the board, make a big clipboard with tips for success in your class or a list of required supplies.
  • Get Set for a Great Start: find a pattern of a racing car and duplicate. On the cars, put something related to your classroom or the names of your classes. Include two checkered flags to accent the corners.
  • BOO-tiful Work! A neat Halloween theme is to put "Boo-tiful Work" at the top of the board and then display work samples on the board (with little bats in the corner of each one and ghosts flying around the board. You could extend your board onto the wall a bit if you wanted to make a haunted house, but the ghosts do a pretty good job on their own.
  • Give People Something to be Thankful For--YOU! We did this as part of an FBLA Character Education awareness project. We made a big turkey and put different "good" traits on each feature. See Picture.


  • It's SNOW Secret.. We're Great Workers! Decorate bulletin board with snowscape and a blue sky. I used blue striped letters. Cut out snowflakes and put the on the board. Put a snowman in the middle with a north pole sign that has your class name on it. I made small snowpeople for the board with each student's name on it and they colored them in class for fun one day. See Picture See Picture 2 
  • Variation: It's SNOW Secret We're a Great School.   This bulletin board features snowflakes and three snowpeople. We did a snowman, snowwoman, and snowchild. They are "stuffed" with cruddy school paper towels. We also used white school paper towels (wadded and then reopened) for the snow on the ground. We also post daily announcements on this board. See Picture at right.
  • Don't Get Snowed Under... Decorate bulletin board with a layer of blue paper. Use a double layer of white paper and create a snow hill that covers most of the left side of the board. Add words along the slope that say: "Stay on Top of Your Work...Don't Get Snowed Under!" We added little people bodies sort of buried in the snow with arms up, a person on a sled with a book in her hand at the top of the mountain, and a snowman at the bottom of the mountain. We also added some small snowflakes and clouds. I had a class do the board and they were pretty proud of it. See Picture
  • Merry Classes: Decorate bulletin board with wrapping paper background (preferable something subtle and not too loud) for wallpaper, cut out a Christmas tree, ladder that is 3/4 the height of the tree, a star, an elf, and some presents. I just drew them. You can decorate the tree as you see fit. On the example, we cut out circles and decorated them and we used pipe cleaners to make garland. We put the heading "Merry Classes" at the top. On each gift, put the name of each of your classes. I thought it looked pretty cute. See Picture
  • There's Snow Doubt.. Decorate bulletin board with blue paper and use silver letters to head the board, "There's Snow Doubt These Classes Are Cool." Then, using different wintery items, put the names of your classes on the board (for instance, a shovel with Accounting on it; a snowman, penguin, Santa, etc.). Then, have each class create things to post on the board. This project works well with computer classes because they can make creative flyers to advertise Christmas or Winter Dances, etc. and I put them up for other classes to see. I use this bulletin board when it starts getting cold and snowy out and let one of my junior high classes create snowflakes to decorate the board and to put inside the letter "O" (in SNOW and COOL) in the title.
  • Don't Get Snowed Under Keep Up on Your Work. I use a cute snowman on a blue background and then use white on the bottom for the ground. Put snowflakes all around in the sky. It's great because it can stay up for 2 months. (Submitted by a guest)
  • TREE-mendous Work! Put a Christmas tree in the center of the board and place samples of student work around the board with Christmas balls or gift cutouts in the corner of each one. You could take pictures of students and use them as ornaments on the tree! See Picture (this is a variation--A TREE-mendous DTP Class with class members on the balls decorated with real lights.
  • Not Even a Mouse! A used mouse was wrapped throughout the tree (loose garland) and then attached to the side.  You can use a hot glue to secure this to the door.  It comes off easily and doesn't hurt the door.  The caption should  read "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house..."  "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."  The gifts under the tree are just 3 1/2 floppy disks with tiny bows attached to them.  The star on the tree can be a CD. 


  • Valentines Day. The original intent of this board was to say "Mrs. Skinner's Box of Chocolates" but they ran out of letters. In each chocolate, the name of one of my classes is printed. I thought it turned out nicely. See Picture
  • Easter. "Hop Into Egg-cellent Study Habits" is the Easter Theme. On each big egg is a tip, such as Do the Hardest Things First." See Picture
  • Cover All the Bases. I put a bulletin board around baseball season. It says "Cover all the Bases." I put up big baseballs that say things like: Be neat, check your accuracy, do your best, turn work in on time, etc. I also use a baseball player. It is really cute!





  • Soaring to New Heights Add some hot air balloons and clouds and put pictures of chapter events. See Picture
  • Happy Holidays This wasn't real fancy. Just made myself into Mrs. Claus and made a tree. Each ornament is an FBLA member. Each present under the tree is an officer. It's cute. See Picture
  • Soar To New Heights With FBLA. Decorate bulletin board with blue paper and create white clouds with different phrases related to FBLA written on them (Service, Leadership, Progress, Teamwork). Then, cut out different colored hot air balloons and decorate them with each FBLA member's name. This is a good project for your publicity committee to tackle and makes a nice board. Put the title: Soar to New Heights With FBLA at the top. (HINT: To make the clouds, use a print shop program and make the words in large print; print them on white paper, then cut out the paper in the shapes of clouds.
  • FBLA--It's a Hit. An FBLA bulletin board with a baseball theme. Submitted by Lana Hager. See Picture
  • Unlock Your Potential. The FBLA theme this year is Unlock Your Potential so I created a bulletin board around that theme with the saying on it. I cut out keys and wrote each of the classes I offer on a key. Submitted by Elizabeth Baus, Wisconsin. See Picture
  • Ride the FBLA Express: Well, we meant express but we ended up cutting out the word train instead. Oops. Anyway, the words are just puffy letters to look like smoke from a train. We just made all this out of construction paper (oversized from the artroom) with no drawing ahead of time, but it turned out okay. Our officers are riding the train! See Picture


  • Are You TOONED In? This could be adapted for anything. We did "Are You TOONED In To School?" See Picture
  • The Future is Bright. This bulletin board is a general one and could be used for any class, business or non-business. My board heading was: The Future is Bright for Business Students and was decorated with bright colors, rainbows, and assorted cutouts.
  • Homework Monopoly (Kathy Schrock). "This board is used as a homework motivator. Students make their game piece on the first day. I laminate them and add a velcro piece to the back. Students move on the board according to how many homeworks they pass in. I have had little difficutly with getting homework turned in since I used this system. Children tell younger brothers and sisters and my new students are usually excited about being able to play Monopoly."
  • Que Pasa? This is a good board for current events. Title: Que Pasa? (make sure there's an upside down question mark preceding the phrase) This is Spanish for "What's Up?". We have almost no Hispanics in our school but everyone knows what this means. Students contribute current events to the page. Some are taken from magazines, newspapers or the Internet. (Submitted by: Anabel Gonzalez)
  • Desktop Publishing (or whatever) Is "Nacho" Ordinary Class! Make a little brown construction paper baskets (like you put chips in), checkered napkins, and a red background. Write the names of desktop publishing units or projects to be studied on yellow triangles, and place them in the baskets. Also, scatter red and green peppers around on the board, too. (Submitted by Sarah Bauer)
  • Our Featured Attraction is CLASS.  Showtime:  3rd hour Place movie ticket stubs on the board as a border- you can ask a local theater for discarded movie ticket stubs or buy a roll of tickets. After the caption, add a subheading that says, "Starring Mrs. Teacher” or “Starring (various units that you will teach for DTP)”.  Also, scatter cut outs of cameras, tripods, theater screens, etc on the board.  And, an unrolled roll of film would be a nice touch. (Submitted by Sarah Bauer)

  • Let's Hear It for Quality Work! This bulletin board would be a "cheerleading" themed board. Decorate with cheerleaders with a letter on their sweaters (Q U A L I T Y) and include megaphones to accent. If you have old pom poms, that would be a nice touch, too.
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go. My students did this board and never finished it. I am guessing by the name that eventually they were going to add some Dr. Suess characters and some FBLA competitive events because it was supposed to be either an FBLA or a business class bulletin board. You figure it out. See Picture.


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