Business Education Course Rationales

Junior High Keyboarding (Exploratory)
This area of instruction provides students with a foundation for other computer classes by introducing them to the keyboarding experience, including proper form, ergonomic concerns, speed building, and accuracy building.  Since many careers require proficient keyboarding and computer skills, this course is essential in the preparation of students for the future in college or business and industry.

Junior High Computers (Exploratory)
Information systems have become an important part of our entire educational process for all age levels for all programs.  To help students within the regular school years as well as students who are already in the workforce, business education must offer continuous instruction in current and emerging information technology, including proficient use of computer technology.

Keyboarding and Keyboarding Applications
This area of instruction includes proper keyboarding techniques and formatting skills.  The demand will continue to grow for students prepared with proofreading, editing, and composition skills.  The content, which includes realistic tasks related to business occupations, prepares students for careers in business.

Business Technology
Businesses and offices continue to be propelled through changes due to the advances in today's technology.  These modifications improve efficiency in processing information, enhance accuracy of record keeping, and make business knowledge readily available for those needing business statistics and information for decision making.  This area of instruction benefits students by enhancing the word processing, advanced computer software, and communication competencies needed by administrative support professionals in today's work environment and institutions of higher education.

Computer Applications
This area of instruction provides content for knowledge and skills required in the technology-based workplace.  The demand will continue to expand for students prepared with a knowledge of and skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database, desktop publishing, and telecommunications.  This training is vital for students planning to enter the workforce or continue training for a career in business.

Accounting I
Instruction in this area plays an important role for students who are preparing for accounting careers after graduation–employment or higher level of education.  It is also a crucial component of academic backgrounds for students who will pursue entrepreneurial ventures and small business ownership.  All students, regardless of the profession they choose, can benefit from accounting instruction since it is an integral part of every business institution and organization.