Black History Month Scavenger Hunt

Visit the following websites and answer the questions that follow. You may also use this great websiteŚ

Website #1:

This Week on Black History and the Faces of Science and

  1. Who was Shirley Chisholm? (Shirley Chisholm became the first African American woman to serve in the U.S. Congress)
  2. Who was the first African-American male tennis player to achieve a world ranking? (Arthur Ashe)
  3. What anti-slavery newspaper was published by Frederick Douglass? (The North Star)
  4. What medical discovery was made by Charles Drew? (Charles Drew discovered the modern processes for preserving blood for transfusions)
  5. What three things did Elijah McCoy invent? (lubricator for steam engines, ironing board and lawn sprinkler)
  6. What was Oscar Coffin the first African American to do? (obtain a Biological Science Doctor of Philosophy--Ph.D.)

Website #2:

Nat Turner: Prophet, Visionary, Slave Revolt Leader

  1. What strange thing happened to Nat when he was born? (His mother tried to kill him so he wouldn't have to live his life a slave)
  2. Why was it illegal in Virginia for slaves to know how to read? (Because they might read abolitionist writings and get ideas to revolt)
  3. Who was E.T. Brantley? (A white man who quit as a slave owner and converted to Methodism)
  4. How did Nat Turner die? (He was hanged after he was captured)

Website #3:

Stamp on Black History

  1. Who was the first black American to be honored on a postage stamp? (Booker T. Washington)
  2. What black artist was featured on a postage stamp? (Henry Tanner) HINT: Take the Black History Tour
  3. How much did slaves sell for back in the 17th century? ($25 a head in Africa; worth $150 in the U.S.)
  4. What did George Washington request be done to his slaves in his will? (They be freed)
  5. When did the Civil War begin? (April 12, 1861)
  6. Bill Pickett invented bulldogging. What was it? (taking a steer by the neck and throwing him down)
  7. Who is known as the "father of Black history?" (Carter G. Woodson)
  8. Who was the first black American to reach the north pole, the top of the world, in 1909? (Matthew A. Henson)
  9. In what year did Martin Luther King, Jr. Day become a national holiday? (1983)

Website #4:

Celebrating Black History Month

  1. What did Black History Month begin as? (Negro History Week)
  2. What started it? (Carter Woodson)
  3. What month was originally used? (February)
  4. Why was this month selected? (Because of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass's birthday and their contributions to the black society)

Website #5:

Afro-America: Discover Africa

  1. How many languages are spoken in Africa? (over 1000)
  2. How large is Africa in comparison to the United States? (4 times larger than the U.S.)
  3. What is the official language of Nigeria? (English)