Using the following internet sites, find the answers to each of these questions. Be sure to tell where you found the answers! No cheating!



  1. How many men sailed with Columbus when he set sail for Asia?


Answer: 90            Website #1


  1. Which US state celebrated the first Columbus Day? When?


Answer: Colorado in 1905 Website #1


  1. What are two other names for the holiday?


Answer: Discoverer's Day and Pioneers Day                 Website #1


4.             What was Columbus promised to receive in return for bringing Spain gold and spices?


Answer:10% of the profits, governorship over newfound lands, and fame of a a new title    Website #2 and 4


5.             Indians from what tribe met Columbus when he arrived in 1492?


Answer: Arawaks                Website #2


  1. Who was Las Casas?


Answer: Chief source of information about what happened on the island when Columbus arrives; he was a priest and plantation owner     Website #2


  1. When did the Santa Maria sink?


Answer: December 25, 1492               Website #3


  1. What was Columbus’ son’s name?


Answer: Diego Columbus Website #5


  1. When was Columbus Day first recognized as a federal day off?


Answer: 1971        Website #1


Using this website, answer the following true/false questions and CORRECT FALSE!!!

T             F              10.           The Santa Maria ship was big and slow compared to the other ships in Columbus’ fleet.


T             F              11.           The Niña was the the best of the three ships at sailing upwind


T             F              12.           His ships usually went about 200 miles a day.   Truth: 100 miles a day