Corel Presentations Assignment

Name:____________________________________ Score:___________

For this assignment, the student will create a slide show over a topic to be approved by the instructor. Suggested topics include: television shows, music groups, famous people, or important events. Using a PC to TV convertor or LCD panel, students will give the presentation to the class using only the presentation outline (from the screen) and notecards. Assignments will be graded on creativity, effectiveness of speech, quality of slideshow, and required project components listed below.

Grading will be based on the following:

1.  Spelling/grammar on presentation     		50 pts   _____
2.  Integration of appropriate graphics/originality	20 pts	 _____
3.  Slide transitions and bullet/object animation	20 pts   _____
4.  Design/layout/slide master				20 pts	 _____
5.  Quality of slideshow				30 pts	 _____
6.  Evidence of research				20 pts	 _____
7.  Oran presentation skills (speech delivery/volume)	30 pts	 _____
8.  Integration of a sound file				10 pts	 _____
9.  Presentation time (6-10 minutes)			30 pts	 _____
10. Demonstrating effective use of the program		10 pts	 _____
11. Printout of slides (6 to a page)			10 pts	 _____

			Total points possible:	       250 pts	 _____

Use the Fact Finding Sheet to record your information. Do not print out every page you findo on your topic! Only record important details.