December Holiday Scavenger Hunt


Visit the following holiday websites and answer the questions or follow the instructions that follow. Good luck!

Website #1:

Website #2:

Website #3:

Website #4:

  • Visit the Elf School and play a game to earn your Elf School Diploma. Print out for credit.
  • What is the secret elf greeting? (the big guy flies at midnight)

Website #5:

  • What is Santa Claus called in Holland? (Sintirklass)
  • Does the Holland Santa Claus use a sleigh? (no, a ship)
  • In Scandinavia, who brings the Christmas gifts to children? (an elf, called the julenisse or the juletomte)
  • Who is La Befana? (good witch who dresses all in black and brings gifts to children on the Epiphany; Italian Christmas figure)

Website #6:

  • At what temperature are poinsettias put in danger of dying? (below 50 degrees)
  • Where are poinsettias originally from? (Mexico)

Website #7:

  • Answer the following christmas jokes/riddles:
    • Who sings "Love Me Tender" and makes Christmas toys? (Santa's Little Elvis)
    • How does Santa take pictures? (with his North Pole-aroid)
    • What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the normal alphabet? (the Christmas alphabet has No-El)
  • Under the games section, take the elf test. If you pass, print the certificate at the end. Good luck!

Website #8:

  • What is Christmas called in France? (Noel)
  • What is a German Adventskranz? (a wreath of leaves with four candles)
  • In Portugal, people pretend that Father Christmas brings gifts and leaves them either under the tree or where? (in shoes beside the fireplace)

Website #9:

  • What does a candy cane represent? (the shepherd's crook)
  • What do the lights on a Christmas tree represent? (Jesus as the light of the world)
  • What do the berries on a holly leaf represent? (the blood Jesus shed)

Website #10:

  • Print a Christmas color sheet of your choice!

For more fun, try your knowledge at the Christmas Trivia Quiz--

Have a very Merry Christmas!