Advertisement Production Project


For this assignment, use your desktop publishing or graphics software to re-create a newspaper advertisement.  Choose an ad that you think you can attractively produce within one class period.  The ad should have some “fancy” desktop publishing features, such as rotated text, reverse text, shadows, layering, and graphics.  Your ad should look as much like the newspaper ad as possible (close to the same font, same size—measure with a ruler!) but graphics may be substituted as long as they are similar.  You may access the internet to find a company logo if it is a well-known company.


Tape the advertisement to the back of this handout and plan it out before beginning. Be sure to draw out a plan for creating the ad, including the dimensions (after you measure), the nearest matching font(s) and sizes, where text boxes will be located, etc.


You must include all the information from the original advertisement, including borders. Be sure to proofread work carefully!


The following guide will be used to score this project.  Be sure to turn this guide in with your completed project printout.  Good luck!





No Way!


Completed layout planning as instructed in detail

-max 5 points

Planned out some parts or did not plan well

-3 points

Did not do any planning

-0 points


Included all information from the original advertisement

-max 10 points

Included most of the information, but may have omitted some part(s)

-4-8 points

Included very little information from the original ad

-0-3 points

Design and Appearance

Attractive layout that is very similar to the original advertisement

-max 15 points

Layout and fonts are inconsistent in some way with the original ad

-9-12 points

Not similar to the original ad, wrong size/font, or cluttered

-0-6 points


No spelling errors

-max 5 points

1-2 minor errors

-3 points

Significant error; could not print ad

-0 points

Selection of

Original Ad

Ad was selected that displayed at least four advanced features

-max 5 points

Ad was selected that displayed a few features, but was not complex enough

-3-4 points

Ad was too simplistic and did not involve creativity

-0-2 points






Student Name:______________________________________________


Final Score:_______/40                     Overall Impression:    Hooray!     Okay….   No Way!