Entertainment Company Brochure



Using the Red Hot Mama Productions website (
http://www.redhotmama.com/), take notes on the following areas for your brochure. Do not cut and paste information! Read each section and take down important details. Then, summarize the information into exciting paragraphs. Each of the following will take one panel of the six-panel brochure (trifold):

The other two panels will be the cover panel (the front of the brochure) and the very back panel (when folded) which should contain a price list for the various services. You decide the prices that you want to charge. Also, don't forget to include contact information for the company (get from the website) and your name as an Event Manager!

Use your own judgment about format, but remember that the company is both fun and professional and the brochure should reflect this. Use consistency throughout the publication (one font for headings and one for body text; body text size 10 or smaller), and incorporate the use of at least one text box and four graphics.

If possible, print the brochure on heavyweight paper on both sides. Fold and return to your supervisor for approval before mailing.

Please be sure to check the grade sheet for detailed information on how this assignment will be scored. Use it as a planning guide and re-check upon completion of the assignment to be sure you have accomplished all project requirements.

Additional Information:
MS Publisher Users--To set up a trifold brochure, create a blank document, change page setup to landscape (File, Page Setup), change page margins (Arrange, Layout Guides) to 0" all the way around, set layout guides to 3 columns, 1 row (Arrange, Layout Guides), then create the brochure in the white space. Be sure to add a second page so you have six panels (Insert, Page).

MS Word Users--To set up a trifold brochure, change your page setup to landscape and margins to .5" or less if your printer can handle it (File, Page Setup). Then, set up your page in three columns (Format, Columns, 3) with a width of 2.64" and spacing of 1". Be sure to insert a second page for the next three panels (Control-Enter). In Word, your brochure will require more planning. Be sure to plan out what you want on each panel because since you will be typing directly on a page and not in text boxes like in Publisher, moving things around becomes much trickier!

All Users--Be sure to save frequently!!!

Grade Sheet (be sure to turn in with your folded printout!)