Easter Scavenger Hunt

Visit the links below to find out about the history of the Easter holiday. Good luck!

  1. Easter on the Net-- http://www.holidays.net/easter/

  2. History of the White House Easter Egg Roll--http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/tours/easter.html

  3. Happy Easter http://homepages.tesco.net/~derek.berger/holidays/pancakeday.html and

  4. History, Traditions, and Symbols of Easter-- http://www.emotionscards.com/trivia/Easter/easterinfo.html

  5. Easter Links-- http://ww2.netnitco.net/users/legend01/eastlink.htm

  6. Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby? http://www.modnet.com.au/~firefrog/easterbilby.htm

  7. Easter Riddles-- http://www.bethanyroberts.com/EasterJokesAndRiddles.htm

  8. Kid's Domain Easter Time-- http://www.kidsdomain.com/holiday/easter/index.html

  9. Letter from the Easter Bunny-- http://www.easterbunnyletters.co.uk/

Thanks for trying the Easter Scavenger Hunt.  Contact me at tonya@btskinner.com to report missing links or problems. Teachers: Contact me for the URL with the scavenger hunt answers. Please use a school e-mail address.