Business Technology
Career Preparation Unit

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PART 1: Complete Career Interest Surveys to Determine Career Options
Assignment: Visit each of the following sites. Do each part an indicated below. (Required Items for Part 1: Printout of required copy/paste items identified by headings; list of five careers that fit in your color; Two-page paper on three possible careers)

PART 2: Online Job Search
Assignment: Using the internet as a resource, locate jobs in your identified career area. If you plan to attend college after high school, then look for a job that you could carry during school for which you are currently qualified. Be sure that the job is one that, upon graduation, you will be qualified for. Copy and paste at least four jobs in this general geographic area (Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, or Southeast Missouri) and one job elsewhere. Try to find jobs that give lots of information on the job (requirements, hours, pay rate, etc.). The sites below may be helpful in your search. (Required Items for Part 2: Detailed classified ads for four possible jobs)

PART 3: Application Process
Assignment: Visit businesses in the area. Obtain three employment applications. Complete one application (typed) for your portfolio. (Required Items for Part 3: Employment application)

PART 4: Cover Letter
Assignment: Read through the sources listed below and take notes about writing effective cover letters. Then, write two different cover letters (pick two of the jobs you selected in Part 2). If any of the companies have internet webpages, refer to them for more information about the position. (Required Items for Part 4: Notes; 2 Cover Letters)

PART 5: Resume/Interview Preparation
Assignment: Read through the following web sites and take notes on what employers look for in candidates, resume writing, and the difference between electronic and paper resumes. Prepare a  resume to accompany one of the cover letters in Part 4. (Required Items for Part 5: Notes; 2 resumes)

PART 6: Job Interviews
Assignment: Read through the following web sites. Take notes on the various types of interviews, dressing for interviews, the role of nonverbal communication in interviews, tips for interviewing, and how to answer tough interview questions. Students will each be individually interviewed by the instructor and all students will participate in a group interview. (Required Items for Part 6: Notes; types of interviews handout; Five personal answers to interview questions; Evaluation of Interviews)

PART 7: After the Interview
Assignment: Examine the following web sites. E-mail me a few reasons that thank-you letters are important. Prepare a thank-you letter. (Required Items for Part 7: Summary of Thank-you Letters; Thank-you letter)

PART 8: Other Employment-Related Letters
Assignment: Write a short summary differentiating between an acceptance letter, rejection letter, resignation letter, and follow up letter. Prepare each type of letter for portfolio. (Required Items for Part 8: Summary; Letters)

PART 9: Summary and Review
Assignment: Complete the review questions. (Required Items for Part 10: Original answers to review questions)