Name:__________________________ Date:_____________________

Time of Interview:_________________ Time Arrived:_______________

Position:________________________ Interviewed by:______________


Needs Work



First Impressions

Shows up late for the interview, does not shake hands, and/or chews gum; does not bring a copy of the resume or references

Shows up on time for the interview with a copy of the resume in hand

Shows up early for the interview with a copy of the resume in hand


Knows nothing about the company or seems to make up information as he/she goes along

Knows some general information about the company and/or its purpose

Has researched the company and the position thoroughly and is apparent by answers given in response to questions

Personal Attributes

Overbearing, overaggressive, egotistical; or shy, reserved, and overly nervous

Somewhat nervous, some lapses in eye contact; speaks too loudly or softly

Good eye contact and poise during interview; confident

General Attitude

Lack of interest and enthusiasm about the position; passive and indifferent; or overly enthusiastic

Seems interested in the position but could be better prepared or informed on certain topics

Interested in the position and enthusiastic about the interview

Personal Appearance

Dressed way below what is expected for someone in that position or "overdoes it" (too much makeup, jewelry, cologne, etc.)

Dressed similar to what employees in that position would wear or in business casual clothes.

Dressed in appropriate business attire; no sandals, tennis shoes, t-shirts, shorts, short skirts, etc.


Answers with "yes" or "no" and fails to elaborate or explain; talks negatively about past employers

Gives well-constructed responses, but sounds rehearsed or unsure

Gives well-constructed, confident responses that are genuine