Keyboarding Story Starters

Open up a new document in your word processing program. Type the following story starter and complete the story. Your story must be between one and two pages long. Be creative! Remember that all story starters are graded for accuracy, so check your work carefully.

The First Boat Ride

Sparkling blue water lapped the side of the boat where Little Joe sat facing his father. Joe was soon to be four and he was a bright toddler. His father explained that it was important to sit still in the boat and Joe did just that. He watched schools of fish darting around nimbly. Once in a while a yellow fish nibbled at the boat and then disappeared.

Sitting close to Mother was Miranda, a tomboy. Miranda was a spry six year old who loved running and skipping jump rope, baseball, soccer and collecting rocks. She knew no fear. Wherever there was any excitement around the school or neighborhood, Miranda was in on it.

Miranda was sitting close to her mother because that was the only condition under which Mrs. James would agree to get in the boat.

"I'm not going to get turned over with you horsing around," Mother firmly explained. "If I go, you have to promise that you'll sit quietly the whole time we're on the lake."

Father chuckled. Miranda agreed and so the family tried out the new boat. It was a pleasant day. The sky was almost cloudless and the spring sun was still far away from the earth to give comfortable warmth.

"What's that long snake doing in the water?" Little Joe pointed as he asked.

"A snake, let me see!" Miranda jumped up at the same time she squealed the words. Mother had no time to stop her. Miranda ran to Joe and leaning over the side of the boat pushed her hand into the water. The sudden movement made the boat wobble throwing Miranda overboard.

Story Starter taken from Vangar Publishers.