Keyboarding Thanksgiving Activities


Turkey Tribune

Have them compose at the keyboard and write an editorial to the Turkey Tribune since Tom T. Turkey has been sentenced to be slaughtered and eaten for Thanksgiving. They can be for or against the slaughter! This could be a personal business letter and scored like all other letters in class. They could create a letterhead in a special program, such as Print Shop, Print Artist, or Publisher.


Thanksgiving Menu Project

The day before Thanksgiving, have the students plan a dinner menu, format and key it, and add a graphic. Short and sweet, but it lets them be creative. They can find an appropriate graphic from clipart or the internet to add to their menu and/or use an attractive page border.


Silent Thanksgiving Dialogue

Let the students choose a partner. The two students sit together at one computer or typewriter. Their assignment is to have a silent conversation through the computer/typewriter. You may let them choose what they discuss, but let them know you will be reading them and that everything must be "G" rated.

Some topic ideas are:

It not only keeps them busy, it gives them keyboarding practice, and since the activity is a "silent" one, it gives your ears a break too, especially on the hectic day before a school break!!! You may wish to check technique on this date and then perhaps give participation points for their printouts.

(adapted from an activity by Kim Logan, Missouri Business Education Listserve)