Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt
  1. Why was Rosa Parks Arrested?

  2. How much did King pay to get out of jail at the Bus Boycott?

  3. Where did King march to and from?

  4. In Selma what was sunday called?

  5. How many townspeople kept the nine black students from entering school?

  1. What year did King get arrested fo going 35m.p,h. in a 25m.p.h. zone?

  2. In 1962 King did what?

  3. When was the book Why We Can't Wait published?

  4. What year does King move to Montogomery to preach at a Baptist Church?

  5. When was King's house bombed?

  1. How old was King when he went to college?

  2. What date was King assassinated on?

  3. What Prize did King win?

  4. What was King's wifes name?

  5. Where did King give his I Have a Dream speech?

  1. What book did King write?

  2. What did King think made America unrest?

  3. When was Rosa Parks arrested?

  4. What did King learn over in India?

  5. What kind of workers were on strike in 1968?

  1. What date did King give his "I have a dream" speech?

  2. What kind of people did King fight for?

  3. What group was King president of?

  4. What building was King killed at?