To create name badges in WordPerfect, you must know how to do several things:

PROJECT #1: Cartoon Character Convention

  1. Start a new WordPerfect document.
  2. Create a data source file to enter in character names--Tools, Merge, Create Data.
  3. Enter the following fields in the top box. Hit Enter on your keyboard after each. Click OK when all have been entered: firstname, lastname, school
  4. A quick entry box should appear. Enter in the following information: Mickey Mouse, Disney School; Donald Duck, Disney School; Daffy Duck, Warner Brothers School; Tommy Pickles, Rugrat School of Fun; Scooby Doo, Hanna Barbara School of Acting; Bugs Bunny, Warner Brothers School; George Jetson, Hanna Barbara School of Acting; Fred Flinstone, Hanna Barbara School of Acting
  5. Close quick entry box and save as: cartoon.dat
  6. Create a form file--Click Go to Form button, Create
  7. When the blank sheet comes up, save as: carbadge
  8. Select Labels Avery 3612.
  9. Format the label border--Format, Page, Border/Fill--to triple (line border)
  10. Center the labels top to bottom--Format, Page, Center, Current and Subsequent, OK.
  11. Click the Insert field button and a box will appear with your field names. Insert the merge code for firstname. Return twice.
  12. Insert the code for firstname again, space once, and insert lastname. Return.
  13. Insert the code for school. Close the Insert Field Name box.
  14. Highlight first line. Center and change to Arial Black, size 22. Change font color for this line only.
  15. Highlight remaining text. Center and change to Arial, size 12.
  16. Save again.
  17. Merge label with data--Click Merge button, then Merge again
  18. Your labels should be there, all nice and neat!
  19. Save labels with character names as CARTOON CONVENTION.
  20. Print.

PROJECT #2: Create Your Own Nametags

Refer to the steps above in doing this project. Using labels style Avery 5395, create a set of nametags for a fictional conference you will be hosting. You will be having 7 movie stars attend. Create a name badge for each movie star and one for yourself. For the data file, include the fields: firstname, lastname, movie. You can put tv show in place of movie if you want. Save data as MYCONF. Create a form document. Include the name of your conference on the badge (make up a cool title). Center the badges top to bottom. Include a page border. Save form document as MYCONF FORM. Raise your hand after you have created your data for a check and after you have created the form file for a check. Then, merge, save as MYCONF BADGES, and print. Good luck!