New Year Scavenger Hunt


Using the websites that follow, answer the following questions about celebrating the New Year holiday.

Website #1: Understanding the Chinese New Year

Website #2: New Year's History and Customs

Website #3: First Night

Website #4: Rosh Hashanah

  • Why is an apple eaten on the Jewish New Year? (as the token of a wish for a sweet year)
  • How is fish symbolic to the Jewish New Year? (represents fertility, prosperity, and knowledge)
  • Before Rosh Hashanah is celebrated, what is done for repentence? (Teshuvah)
  • What is a shofar? (animal horn blown like a trumpet)
  • Are shellfish considered to be kosher? (No)

Website #5: Heather's Holidays Page

  • Find the New Year's coloring page and print.

Have a great new year!