Keyboarding Class Tools

EasyType: Free, online typing course! Cute, multimedia typing program. Students have to register and it keeps track of their results. This has a testing center where students can take online timed writings.

TypingMaster Online iTutor (applet)

Learn 2 Type Online Typing (with ten-key)

SenseLang Typing Lessons (in Flash)

TypingMaster Online Bubbles Typing Game

Al Bunny's Online Typing Game

Graphics Generators (Webpage/DTP Class Tools)

CoolText Online Graphic Generator: Allows you to create logos/headings online. Pick your color, styles, font, and size. Images are rendered in about 30 seconds. Very easy to use.

Flaming Text Online Graphic Generator: Allows you to create headings (some animated ones, too) and also has the capability for creating web buttons.

Cool Archive Online Logo Maker

Cool Archive Online Button Maker

3D Text Maker (Media Builder): Create animated text logos.

WebGFX Logo Generator: Very easy to use, quick logo generator. One nice feature is that you can add shadoes to graphic headings.

Zyweb Graphics Generator: Must register to use this one, but lots of nice features.

Teacher Tools