Sample Parent Letter

First Day of School

August 19, 1998

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Where has the summer gone?  Can you believe it is already that time of year where parents are bombarded with letters from teachers and slips of papers that require signatures?  Well, it is!

I hope you will take a few moments to read over the class syllabus for my course.  Please pay particular attention to the student expectations and requirements.  Your son or daughter will need to bring a pen (preferably black ink), pencil, loose leaf notebook paper, a folder, and a small three ring binder (½" is fine) to class each day.  Diskettes will be provided by the school and left at school each day.  Points will be deducted for students that come to class unprepared, so please make sure that your son/daughter understands the class policies.

In most of my classes, the students will be using the internet and electronic mail periodically.  Should you have any objections to that, please let me know in the extra space below.  I will try to keep you abreast of any internet related projects throughout the school year.  The students should receive a network user agreement within the next week or two and this will need to be returned as soon as possible to ensure that students are aware of the school usage policy.

Should you have any questions about the coursework, please feel free to call me at school  or at home.  If you have no questions at this time, please sign and return the slip below stating that you and your child have read the syllabus and understand it.  Should you have any concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am looking forward to the school year and believe it will be a rewarding one.


Tonya D. Skinner
Business/Computer Teacher

Attachment:  Syllabus

INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Tonya Skinner          DATE:__________        CLASS HOUR:_______

STUDENT NAME:__________________________________


Please check the appropriate boxes below:
 Y   N
__  __   My son/daughter has my permission to use the internet as needed for research in class.
__  __   My son/daughter has my permission to obtain electronic mail access and use it throughout
             the course of this class.
__  __   My son/daughter has a computer with internet access at home.

My son/daughter and I have read the class syllabus for the course listed above and understand the instructor's expectations of the students.

         ____________________________        ______________________________
                   Parent/Guardian's Signature                            Student's Signature