1. List and explain five things employers look for in candidates.
  2. Discuss the interview question, "What are your greatest weaknesses?" Give tips for answering the question and then write a brief paragraph with your personal answer for this question.
  3. Your former boss was a rude, disrespectful women who did not listen to you. Though you performed your job fine and enjoyed your coworkers, she made every day a bad experience for you. As a result, you quit your job. If asked why you left your previous job in your next interview, how should you answer the question?
  4. What are three tips for proper interview dress?
  5. What is the goal of a cover letter?
  6. Explain three reasons for writing a thank-you letter after an interview.
  7. Explain how nonverbal cues (posture, eyes, hands, etc.) can impact an interview.
  8. What are three good questions you could ask the interviewer at the close of the interview?
  9. Aside from preparing for interview questions, what are two other things that should be done before the day of the employment interview?
  10. Give three tips for writing great cover letters.
  11. List and explain two marketable job skills you possess.
  12. Give tips for preparing a resume if you have no paid employment experience.