Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Using the internet sites listed below, answer the following questions about Thanksgiving.

Website #1:

Website #2:

Website #3:

Website #4:

  • Which of the following foods did the Pilgrims possibly have on the first Thanksgiving?
    • Ham?
    • Corn on the cob?
    • Turkey?
    • Indian corn?
    • Sweet potatoes?
  • When was the national Thanksgiving holiday approved by Congress?

Website #5:

  • What kind of businesses are likely to give their employees paid time off for Thanksgiving and the day after?
  • What kind of businesses are likely NOT to give their employees a day off around Thanksgiving?

Website #6:

  • What tribe of Indians inhabited the area where the Pilgrims landed in 1620?
  • What was the Pilgrim custom for women regarding mealtimes?
  • Out of the original 102 Pilgrims, how many died the first winter?
  • Who was the oldest Pilgrim on the Mayflower?
  • How many times was William Bradford reelected governor?
  • Were most of the Pilgrims Separatists or Puritans?
  • Why aren't leaves green in the fall?

Want to have some more fun? Send a Thanksgiving greeting card to your teacher thanking him/her for something. Visit this website--

Have a great Thanksgiving break!