Word Processing Activity: FBLA Flyer 1

Recommended Software: Microsoft Word


Your FBLA chapter has decided to sponsor a winter coat and blanket drive for low-income community residents as a Christmas service project. Since you are on the Publicity Committee, it is your responsibility to create a one-page flyer to give to the teachers in the district and to hang on community bulletin boards. The Publicity Committee Chair has provided you with the following directions to use in preparing the flyer:

Space out the document properly so that the text is centered vertically on the page. Include an FBLA logo somewhere on the page (perhaps on the line with FBLA on it). You should be able to find the logo on the internet.

Add a page border to outline the page of your flyer (Use your help menu if you don't know how). Change the font color on the first line to something that matches your graphics theme.

Extension Activity:
Using the information above, prepare a press release in proper form. Your contact person is Alisha Spence, FBLA President and she can be reached at 555-0939. Be sure to provide additional information about your FBLA chapter (size of chapter, adviser, etc.).