Word Processing Activity: RSI Checklist

Recommended Software: Microsoft Word


Although your keyboarding teacher taught you to stretch before long keying periods, many of your friends have not been following her advice. As a result, a number of students in your computer class have been suffering from a tingling sensation in their wrists, numbness in their fingers, and difficulty opening and closing their hands. After stopping by and speaking with the school nurse, she explains that you and your friends might be suffering from repetitive stress injury, injuries that result from repeated movements that irritate nerves and tendons. The nurse describes a number of actions you can take to prevent RSI. When you return to class, your teacher asks you if you could create a sheet that she could enlarge and put on the wall that lists reminders for preventing RSI. Since you did not take notes, you will have to look up some tips on the internet. Be sure to look specifically for information relating to posture, chair modification, monitor placement, and exercises. Then, using the information, prepare a one-page bulleted list of at least 10 major steps you can take to help alleviate or prevent RSI. Using WordArt, title the document Tips to Prevent RSI. Add appropriate clipart from the Microsoft Clipart Gallery. To be creative, change your bullet style to something innovative, rather than standard circle or square bullets. Space out the document properly so that the text is centered vertically on the page. Use appropriate font sizes and change the font style to something other than the default font.

Change the bullet color to coordinate with your graphics theme. Use font color where appropriate (don't overdo it!).

Extension Activity:
Write a letter to a classmate explaining what RSI is and providing tips for preventing RSI when taking computer classes. Use block style with open punctuation.