Lesson Plans/Activities

  Want to learn Flash?? Might I suggest one of these websites??
   http://www.cartoonsmart.com (monthly specials, inexpensive to buy)   http://www.learnflash.com (free tips)
  PowerPoint Personal Kiosk (timed) Project
Example-- https://youtu.be/SG0s29-iqFE Scoring Guide--Click Here
  Photostory Digital Photography Portfolio Project -- Kodak Course I Use Before the Project
Download Scoring Guide Example
  Serious Minute Project
Scoring Guide
  Silent Film Project
Scoring Guide
  Vacation Project (green screen)
Scoring Guide
  Animation Project (using free online tools)
Scoring Guide
  Reality Show Intro Project
Scoring Guide
  Parody Project
Scoring Guide
  Music Video Project
Scoring Guide

Kinetic Type Project (basic)
Scoring Guide


Stop Motion Animation Project
Help Sheet--DOCX Scoring Guide

  Subtitle Workshop Instructions (to use with Encore DVD)
Download Instructions--DOCX
  Podcast Project (assumes knowledge of Audacity)
Download Project w/scoring guide
  Famous Entrepreneur PowerPoint Project ("limit your bullets!")
Download Project w/scoring guide
  E-Portfolio Website Project
Download Project w/scoring guide
  International Business PowerPoint Project
Download Project w/scoring guide
  Movie Maker/PowerPoint Aesop's Fable Project
Download Project w/scoring guide
  Flash Racecar Project (simple motion tween/guide reinforcement)
Download Project    View Sample    Starter FLA
  Audacity Music Mix Project
Download Project | Sample MP3
  Audacity Tutorial
  PhotoStory 3 Tutorial
  Internet Safety Video Projects (CyberSafety) w/scoring guides
Download Project
  Movie Maker Project: Custom Edison Silent Film w/scoring guide
Download Project      Extra Handout on Exporting Movies
  Flash Basics Project--Disney (MBEA 2006)
Download Project (has supplement w/scoring guide)  View Sample  Sample of Supplement--Fishy

Flash Next Level Project--BIZ-ED TV (MBEA 2006
Download Project   Starter FLA (or download here)   View Sample

Flash Drag and Drop Mask (State of Missouri) Project
Download Project  Sample can be found at this site (under Multimedia/Web)

PowerPoint E-Card Project
Download Project  Download Sample PPS

Flash St. Pat's E-Card Assignment
Download Project   Download Sample

  Audacity Radio Commercial Project (Audacity is a freeware program)
Download Project   Download Sample Completed MP3
  Flash Basics Assignment (working with drawing tools in Flash and basic tweens)
Download Project   Download FLA Starter (w/scoring guide)
Example of Bunny Rabbit Project (enrichment project)
  Flash Next Level (some Actionscript projects (w/scoring guide)
Download Project
Snowman Project Example    Starter FLA
Advanced Features Example    Starter FLA
  Flash Practice Project (Tween, Motion Path, Drawing, Button, Sound, Action)
Download Project   Download FLA     Download Sample
  Flash Animated Movie Project: Alien Invasion REVISED 2005 (Comprehensive Flash project)
Download Project    Download FLA    Download Sample
  Flash Animated Movie Project: Alien Invasion (Comprehensive Flash project)
Download Project    Download Example Movie
  Flash Basics Project (my MBEA basics workshop, Summer 2004)
Download Project   Download Files   Download Sample
  Flash Advanced Project (my MBEA advanced workshop, Summer 2004)
Download Project    Download Files   Download Sample
  PSP Animation Shop Portfolio Project (w/grade sheet) Download Graphic Files
Download Project
  Video Production Assignment (w/grade sheet)
Download Project

Political Campaign Commercial Presentation (w/grade sheet)


TV/Public Service Announcement Project (w/grade sheet)

Powerpoint XP Christmas Song Project (w/grade sheet)
Powerpoint XP Children's Song Project (w/grade sheet)
Powerpoint Music Video Project Grading Rubric
Powerpoint All About Me Presentation (w/scoring guide)
Video Project: Short News Program/Segment
Audio Project: Radio Commercial
NOTE: I suggest using either Adobe Premiere to edit the audio or Audacity, a good free audio editing program
Powerpoint Careers Project
Flash Assignment: Using Animated GIFs in Flash
  Flash MX Tutorial (9 lessons with source files)
  Dreamweaver and Fireworks tutorials

Other Resources

Generic Grade Sheet for Powerpoint TV Commercials

Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorial (with source video)

Movie Maker 2 Tutorial (good one--printable PDF, video tutorial, example)

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials (1.5)

Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorial (PDF)