As most people (me included!) are visual learners, I do many lecture recaps or project introductions using screencasting. These demonstration/tutorials are helpful for learning or refining new techniques. Click one of the buttons to take you to a new page with lots of examples in the categories. Or, take a look below at some samples of mine, and feel free to use to educate yourself or your students. Follow me on Facebook to receive updates! Provide feedback on Facebook about an area you'd like demonstrated, and I'd be glad to add more!

Photoshop Screencasts

RSS Feed for PhotoshopJust one example of many.... click the icon above to subscribe to the RSS feed. Otherwise, follow this link to take a look at my newest screencasts for Photoshop.

Web Design Screencasts

Web Design ScreencastsWhen teaching web design, I feel it is especially important to have good HTML skills before ever moving on to Dreamweaver or other web editors. The example below is a review of our first HTML lesson in my Web Design class. For more Web Design demonstrations--including HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks, take a look here!